✪ VPN Service(Free) - Since 25 Feb 2015

M1. For iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows use IKEv2 VPN Server CA. With Apple devices, you can directly use config file(Click to install). M2. For Windows refer Help. M3. For Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac, Linux use OpenVPN to connect(Check help doc), For Android suggest to use OpenVPN. Download Android client APK(I know you can download from official site, just in case), Download Windows client software, Configuration files: client1.ovpn
# Server IP: referance)
# All stuffs FTP download
# As VPN technology is out-of-date, I don't suggest to use VPN to tunneling GFW, you can use ShadowSocks or V2Ray .etc new technologies,This server only for particular uses

✪ Software Maker - Since 16 Nov 2020

We provide lightweight, smart, good price–performance ratio software designing/engineering services
1. System for production use(system include web apps, database, mobile apps and desktop apps).
2. Customised desktop production softwares.
3. Customised web applications.
4. Customised mobile(iOS/Android) applications.
5. Useful productivity tools that can reduce your duplicate operations in your office or in your daily life
6. Web design for small business website, blog website.
7. Other Customised softwares
Price: please feel free to contact us with Email soft@gochaichai.com

✪ Tools - Since 30 July 2017

2020-01-13 Timeline - Timeline visualization project
2019-03-27 My Clipboard - Online clipboard
2019-01-27 Input Method Quick Switcher - fast switch input methods
2019-01-06 Quick Launcher - Run everything you want with a light speed
2018-12-30 Speak Word - Read word from your clipboard for Windows
2018-12-23 Audio Player - A tiny music player
2017-07-30 Pop-up Killer - Killer for pop-up ad. window

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